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I want to speak for a few minutes from the Hebrew Bible about your testimony (eidus tovah of Rebbe Melech Moshiach). Rv chp 12 verse 11 says, You overcome the devil (taivel) by the word of your testimony. Your testimony is probably more important than you possibly could ever know because your testimony is like a rope thrown out to people who are perishing. And the reason Satan wants to attack your testimony is he wants people to not hear the Good News (Besuras HaGeulah). He’s jealous of G-d (Hashem). And he doesn’t want anyone to tell the Good News of Salvation (Besuras HaGeulah of Yeshuas Elokeinu). So your testimony is vitally important. I’ve known the L-rd over thirty years and during that time Satan has tried to rob me of my testimony, my good name, many times in various ways. And thank the L-rd, up to this point he has not succeeded, and now that I see what G-d (Hashem) has done, all the people that I’ve known, the people that have been instrumental in this ministry, I can see why Satan would want to destroy my ministry because if he could somehow tear it down, he could tear down many great men of G-d who have been associated with that testimony over the years. And you see it’s not just you that Satan wants to hurt; he wants to hurt all those people around you who’ve worked with you, who have been instrumental in your ministry, in helping you to be what you are in G-d today.

And so now we want to pray right now “Father, in the Name of Moshiach I want to pray right now over this word, “We overcome the taivel (devil) by the word of our testimony.” I want to pray, L-rd, that people will give their testimony, that they will maintain their testimony, that they will always be ready to share with anyone the hope that’s within them. And I want to pray dear G-d that as we look at 1Yo, the Epistle, that we will see the importance of the testimony. And we’ll give you all the praise for all the anointing. In Moshiach's Name. Omein.

Now when we look at 1Yo the very first thing we notice is that the testimony of these Shluchim, these apostles, is so crucial because if you want to have fellowship with G-d you have to realize that their fellowship is with [Atik HaYamim, Dan 7:13-14] G-d through His Zun fun Der Oybershter the Bar Enosh Moshiach and if you go outside that circle you don’t have the Bar Enosh Son and you don’t have the Atik HaYamim Father, and so you have to stay in the fellowship. And so the people who went out from them because they were not of them, they refused the doctrine, they tried to go beyond the doctrine, to progress beyond the words of the apostles. But you see the early believers were not like that. They maintained what they heard from the beginning, they were zealous for the teaching of the Shluchim, the breaking of bread, the prayers, and the fellowship. And that’s what we want to talk about today. It has to do with an empty tomb.

Hallelujah! An empty tomb. There’s only one empty tomb in the world, Friend. Mohammed is IN his tomb. It’s quite occupied. And any false Moshiach Rebbe that anyone might want to name, he’s also in his tomb, it’s quite occupied. But when we read in Psalm 16 about MOSHIACH’S TOMB we find out that there is no SHACHAT, no corruption [no rotting], there is no decay there.

And then when we read Isaiah chapter 53 we find out that the kever (tomb) of the Moshiach (Messiah) is mentioned, but it’s there only because our redemption requires it, and after he (Moshiach) makes the atonement with his asham sacrifice, his offering, of his nefesh, it says Hashem is satisfied and then after that he’s NO LONGER in his tomb because the Moshiach has his days PROLONGED and THAT requires an empty tomb. Did you hear what I said?

The prolongation of the Moshiach’s days in Isaiah chapter 53 requires an empty tomb.

And that empty tomb is the most important thing you could ever contemplate. Because one of these days YOUR tomb will NOT be empty, Friend. One of these days your tomb will be occupied. But I want to point out to you that in Daniel chapter 12, verse 2, it says you WILL AWAKE.

Now Edgar Allan Poe wrote a story called “The Premature Burial,” and he said there was nothing worse, even hell itself, would not be worse, than awaking in your tomb.

But Edgar Allan Poe had a drinking problem and he didn’t really exegete the Scriptures ----he may have died in Baltimore in the gutter and he really should have taken another look at this because YOU WILL AWAKE IN YOUR TOMB, no question about it, Daniel chapter 12, verse 2, “Many that sleep in the dust of the earth WILL AWAKE..”

So here you are, you are six feet under, and you are waking up! And your rotting carcass is being materialized into a resurrection body. There IS a resurrection body. And what happens? You notice that six feet of cemetery dirt is between you and the feet of the Moshiach who is alive.

Now how do I know that he’s alive? Because in Daniel it’s very clear that he (Moshiach) makes his histalkus (passing, death) BEFORE the Churban (the destruction of the Second Temple, [70 C.E.]). And this is found in the 9th Chapter of Daniel. So he will be awake. And we know that he (Moshiach) comes in the clouds of glory. Daniel chapter 7, verses 13-14. So he’s awake and you’re awake.

But the point is: Have you cursed him? Have you called him Yushka?

Have you denied him, or have you SERVED him? (“served”=PEY-LAMMED-CHET)?

Now we know that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, those three boys, (and of course when I was a child in Sunday School I heard about them all the time) and it’s very important to hear about them because PEY-LAMMED-CHET. They refused to serve the idols, they say, “O King, we will not PEY-LAMMED-CHET you g-ds,” but ALL PEOPLES, including Shadrach, and Meshach, and Abednego WILL PEY-LAMMED-CHET the Bar Enosh when he comes in the clouds of glory. Because you see he’s NOT an idol. He’s the one that comes from the Father, and if you don’t know the one that comes from the Father, you don’t know the Father. And the Shluchim say this, “Our fellowship is with him (the Bar Enosh), and his fellowship is with the Father (Atik HaYamim), and your fellowship must be with us (Shluchim), and this is how we know the spirit of truth (ruach emes) and the spirit of error (ruach ta’tuim, spirit of error, spirit of delusion): whoever listens to us (Shluchim) has G-d, and whoever does NOT listen to us (Shluchim) does not have G-d. And there are false prophets who go out from them, because they are not of them. And this is why you must keep yourself in the love of G-d (Ahavas Hashem). And you must be sure to realize that there is a circle, and in that circle is Eternal Life. Chayei Olam, eternal life. Chayei Olam is at stake in what we are talking about right now, because if you look at 1Yo 1:3 you will see this: “We proclaim to you what we have seen and heard so that you also may have fellowship with us and our fellowship is with the Father and the Zun fun Der Oybershter Yeshua HaMoshiach.” He’s talking about the Word of Life, the Devar HaChayim, the Word of Life. And that Word of Life is Eternal Life. And if you have knowledge (da’as), if you have the anointing (spiritual mishcha) from him, and if you listen to these Shluchim, then you have life, and you have the Spirit of Truth (Ruach Emes), but if you refuse to listen, if you turn away and go out from them because you’re not of them, you have death. You have no Chayei Olam. And this is a very serious thing. And there are many who—

Can you imagine someone going outside the Bible (Tanakh, Hebrew Bible) to augur if they can see who the Moshiach is? That they would search extra-Biblical materials to augur who is the Moshiach? What witchcraft! Friend, why was the Tanakh written?

Why was it written? It was written so that you might know who the Moshiach is! You cannot go outside the Holy Writ of Scripture to augur who is the Moshiach! This is pagan divination. This is not anything but witchcraft!

Can’t you see that? Moses (Moshe Rabbeinu) would be pulling his hair out if he knew that this was going on. This is an occult thing. Listen, Friend, don’t let your eyes glaze over. Don’t become a member of a cult. Don’t get away from the sober word of G-d, because your soul (nashamah) depends upon it. One of these days you will be in the grave, and you will hear the voice of the Moshiach Ben Dovid, and he will call you out of the grave. But here’s the question: will he call you out for a resurrection unto life? Or will he call you out for a resurrection unto judgment? And we’re praying that it will be unto life. But you must listen to the Word of G-d.

Why would anyone listen to an extra-Biblical source and not come to Daniel or the Prophets (Nevi’im) or Moses (Moshe Rabbeinu)? Who would want to add to G-d’s Word or go outside the Word of G-d? This is witchcraft.

And, Friend, you have to realize that your testimony (eidus tovah) must line up with the Word of G-d. And if it does, you truly have a testimony. The Shluchim, when they looked for the men that would be ministers, they wanted those that were of good testimony. And this is all-important, for you to keep your testimony. And the testimony was needed, because that’s how the people were qualified, because they had to meet a need, and there’s a need that has to be met: You have to tell people about the Moshiach. You have to do what the early disciples (talmidim) did: they said, “Come with us. We have found the Moshiach (the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach).”

And of course they were referring to the one who QUALIFIES according to the Tanakh, according to the Scriptures. That he IS the prophet (navi) like Moses (Moshe Rabbeinu). born in Beit-Lechem, the one who would have the government on his shoulders, he is the one who would come and he would make the kaparah. You remember what Moses (Moshe Rabbeinu) said, in Exodus, in Shemot (Shemos, Exodus in the Torah), he said, “You know, I’m willing to give my own life so that these people (the Jewish people) would not be destroyed.” He was willing, he wanted to make atonement, that’s what he says, Exodus chapter 32. He wanted to make the kaparah, he was willing to give his own life. But, you know, Isaiah saw another one who would come. He would be a LAMB, a SEH. He would also be a sin-bearer. He would be the one like the scapegoat, (the Yom Kippur sa’ir l’Azazel) who would make the NASAH, he would CARRY, he would BEAR our sins AWAY. And he fulfilled Pesach and he fulfilled Yom Kippur. And this is the one that would be the Tzemach, the BRANCH. He would be the one that would come from Dovid the King. And he would be the BRANCH (Tzemach, Branch of David). And Zecharyah (Zechariah) said this, looking at the Kohen Gadol (High Priest, 560-490 B.C.E.) who had been BURIED with all of Israel in the Babylonian Exile (the Golus), but then was RAISED TO LIFE to come back in the Return (537 B.C.E., Ezra 2:2), and this was Yeshua the High Priest, the Kohen Gadol, whose name was also Yehoshua. And what does Zecharyah (Zechariah) say in chapter 3, verse 8 (Zech3:8), and in chapter 6, verses 11 and 12 (Zech 6:11-12)? He says, HINEI HAISH (“BEHOLD THE MAN”). The man who is the Tzemach. And his name shall be called Tzemach. He said, “Yehoshua Shmo Tzemach” (Yehoshua His Name is Tzemach [Moshiach]). And of course we know who Yeshua is, we know who Yehoshua is: he is the Tzemach. He is the Moshiach. In the Jerusalem Talmud it says very clearly that this [Tzemach] is a code word for Moshiach. Now we’re talking about the Hebrew Bible, the Tanakh of Rabbinic Judaism. If this Hebrew Bible, this Tanakh of Rabbinic Judaism, says that the prophets (Nevi’im) were looking toward one named Yeshua or Yehoshua to be the Moshiach, we’re going to go with that. And when we awake in our tombs we’re going to cry out to him. But you know what? It might be too late for some people at that time because it says it’s appointed for men once to die and then the judgment. So whoever calls upon the name of the L-rd (Moshiach Adoneinu) will be saved. But today is the day of salvation. You need to cry out to the L-rd today.

Now in chapter 1, verse 2 of 1Yn we see that the Word of Life, Eternal Life, is at stake. Then in chapter 2, verses 24 and 25 it says, “See what you have heard from the beginning remains in you. If it does, you also will remain in the Son (Zun fun der Oybershter, Bar Enosh) and in the Father (Atik HaYamim). And this is what he promised us, even Chayei Olam, Eternal Life.” You see I want the good confession that I made before many witnesses, the testimony of my faith, “A dead man came alive!”—that’s what happens in the metamorphosis of the new birth. You were dead in trespasses and sins, you were dead even while you lived. And then Yeshua came, Yehoshua, he said to this cadaver in the tomb of Sin, “Lazarus, Come forth!” And he who was dead came out of the tomb. And that’s what happens when you’re born again. You’re a new creature. Old things have passed away. Now I was dead. I was a dead man. I came alive. And here’s the wonderful thing. In the Gospel (Besuras HaGeulah) of Mark, whenever believers testified about what G-d had done for them, there were miracles, there were signs (otot) and wonders following. And this has been true in my own life, and it should be true also in your life. And this is what Satan hates. He will do anything to besmirch your testimony. He will come and he will say, “Signs are not for today, first of all, so don’t even talk to me about signs.” He will say, “That’s all over. That age has past.” So then he’ll try to throw out the evidence. This is like a hostile prosecuting attorney. Here you are. You’re on the defense stand. And he’s trying to throw out all of your corroborating evidence even before the jury hears it. This is what the devil is. He’s the accuser of the brethren. So we have these anti-charismatic theologians who want to throw out all the evidence. But if you look at Mark, chapter 16, verse 17, 18 you will see that these signs followed those that believed: they spoke in new tongues (leshonot chadashot); they laid hands on the sick; they cast out devils. Friend, don’t try to tear that out of the Bible. It’s there for a reason. There are people who require a sign. They need the signs. And their salvation is hanging in the balance here. And we need those signs today.

And so wherever the believers went, they had these signs following them. And here’s the wonderful thing. We know Yeshua rose from the dead. How do we know? The tomb was empty. “Well yes,” you say, “but there may have been a mistake. Maybe they went to the wrong tomb. Maybe these women were so silly they couldn’t even find the right tomb.” Well if you will open your Bible to the end of the Gospel of Mark (Besuras HaGeulah of Mark) you will see there that the chevra kadesha, the burial society, that their first obligation was to accompany the body to the tomb to make sure that that very thing did not happen. And these women were watching as the tomb of Yosef of Arimathea was opened and the body was place therein. So they were right there. And then at the end of the Gospel of Matthew we know that there was a guard posted. Those that thought that there would be some chicanery, so, “Okay, let’s seal the tomb.” So that was done. And also there was a two-ton rock put in front.

And then when the women came back after Shabbos was over early Sunday morning, the first day of the week, the first thing that was on their mind was, How were they going to anoint the body, How were they going to do those preparations that the burial society did, if they couldn’t even have access to the body, because the tomb was thus sealed? But you know what? The L-rd had taken care of that, and there were angels.

Now these women, who were the first witnesses, would NOT have been the first witnesses, if it had been a trumped-up affair. Because a woman’s testimony was not counted in court. But you see that’s exactly how it happened, NOT the way it would have been orchestrated to happen if it were being done by people trying to fool us. And then of course we know from 1Co 15 that Moshiach was seen by Peter (Kefa), he was seen by all the Shluchim, he was seen by over 500 people at one time. And we know this because there were even hostile witnesses who saw this…we’re talking about his unbelieving half-brother Ya’akov ben Yosef. We’re talking about Sha’ul of Tarsus. So there were people that didn’t WANT to believe it, but the evidence itself brought their faith.

And, Friend, this is important because one day, when you’re in that tomb, and you awake according to Daniel, chapter 12, verse 2, you won’t want any religious authority who’s rotting in his tomb to help you. He won’t be able to help you. There’s no Mohammed that will be able to help you. There’s no false Moshiach Rebbe who’ll be able to help you. Buddha certainly can’t help you. Nobody will help you. Only the Living Moshiach with the empty tomb can help you. And there’s only one empty tomb in the universe. And that empty tomb was CERTIFIED by eye-witnesses as empty. These were pious Jews who went to their deaths rather than to recant it. Why, Friend, were they terrorized before, running for their life, and then a few days later, boldly proclaiming, unless they saw something that verified their faith in the Techiyas HaMeisim in general and the Techiyas HaMoshiach in particular, that there was a resurrection, not only of the dead but also of this particular claimant to the throne of David, that he was alive! Yosef Chai! He’s alive. They saw him! And they turned the whole world upside-down.

Why would anyone in their right mind want to follow anyone else, when we have this historical evidence? Listen, we’re not going to put anyone else’s picture on the Five Dollar Bill in America. We’re going to give honor to whom honor is due. He KNOW that Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and saved the Union. So it’s HIS picture that goes there, because eye-witness saw it [i.e. saw him free the slaves and save the Union]. Why would we want to go and find some nobody [(in the analogy) someone who hadn’t raised from the dead, who hadn’t been seen, whose tomb was not certified as empty by eye-witnessed] –WHY would we want to go get some NOBODY and stick HIS picture on the FIVE DOLLAR BILL????????? We wouldn’t do that unless we were crazy (meshuga), unless we’d received a spirit, unless our eyes were glazed over, unless we had joined a cult, unless we had lost our rationality. What is wrong with our rationality?

Do you know that there was a false teacher called Valentinus. This was a Gnostic teacher. And he was in the Second Century. And he had all kinds of crazy notions. He thought that there were people who were just plain Tzaddiks. And they didn’t NEED salvation. All they needed was to discover how “without sin” they were and how wonderful they were. And they didn’t need a Savior. Well, Friend, there are people in Brooklyn that are so ignorant that they don’t even know that that’s what they are [Valentinian Gnostics]. Just like there are these ladies in front of the “Kingdom Hall” who don’t know that they are Arians. They are so ignorant they don’t even know what they are! They don’t know that they are heretics. They don’t even know what heresy they believe in, they’re so ignorant. Friend, it’s time to get rid of the ignorance. It’s time to come back to the Hebrew Bible. You can’t write anything better than the Bible. Don’t read anything better than the Bible. Don’t open, don’t attempt anything better than the Bible, because there isn’t anything better than the Bible. Why did G-d go to all the trouble that He went to just to assemble the Hebrew Tanakh, only to have you spend all your time reading everything BUT the Hebrew Tanakh? Friend, you wouldn’t read any other book like that. You wouldn’t put it down every two sentences and then go consult something else. You would read it from beginning to end. And if you will, you will find that Yehoshua, Yeshua is the Name of the Tzemach (Moshiach). So unless you have another candidate…And you say, “O you're talking about YUSHKA (YIMACH SH’MO V’ZIKHRO “May his name and memory be blotted out”) and you curse him. Friend, you won’t be cursing him when you awake in your rotting tomb. And you WILL AWAKE, and Daniel chapter 12, verse 2 says you WILL awake, you will open your eyes. And I’m praying you won’t open your eyes in hell, like the “rich” man in one of Moshiach’s parables. Friend, it’s so important today to think about what I’m saying. Whoever calls upon the Name of Yeshua HaMoshiach Adoneinu will be saved. And it’s time to do it now. People think, “You know, I need to make my burial preparations, I need to pre-pay my funeral expenses, I need to get a good funeral home, make all the arrangements, write my will and everything else.” Well, Friend, why don’t you think about what’s going to happen when you OPEN YOUR EYES in that tomb, when you AWAKE in that tomb? Will it be what Edgar Allan Poe feared (and worse!) in his fictional short story, “The Premature Burial?” Or will it be to see the one that Lazarus saw when he came out of his tomb, when he (Moshiach) said “Lazarus, come forth! Lazarus, come forth!” Will he say to you, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” Listen, you must have a testimony, but you will never have a testimony, until you hear the knocking of the Son of G-d, the Zun fun Der Oybershter Yeshua HaMoshiach, on the tomb of your cold, dead heart. He wants to come in. He wants to bring life. When he comes in, the Ruach Hakodesh comes in with him. And there is life, There is a ruach chadasha, a new spirit. There is a new mind. All things are new. Old dead things have passed away. That’s what G-d wants. Why would anyone want to resist Him? What are your options, Friend? You KNOW you’re going to that tomb. It’s out there waiting for you. It’s the narrow house of the grave worm’s Night, the night that goes on for all eternity…the outer darkness. But the Light has come into the world, the Ohr HaOlam (the Light of the World). How dare you compare any rotting flesh in this world to our Goel Redeemer Yeshua HaMoshiach! How could you possibly do it! Listen, the only sign you could receive was this, that Yonah (Jonah) was in the belly of the earth for three days and three nights. But when he came up, there was wonderful salvation for the Ninevites, and they believed. And now all over the world the Ninevites (Gentiles) are believing. But Hashem has not forgotten His ancient people whom He foreknew, and there is a revival going on, it’s been going on since the Six Day War (1967) among the JEWISH people. And I thank G-d that even in Brooklyn there are Hasidim (ultra-Orthodox Jews) who are starting to believe. And they’re going to think for themselves, Friend. They’re going to think for themselves. They’re going to read the Hebrew Bible. They’re not going to put your words or the words of men on the same par with the Word of G-d. You are not in the same league with Daniel. We KNOW people will AWAKE. You’re not in the same league with Zecharyah (Zechariah). He said, he told you the personal Name, the Namesake of the Moshiach, the Moshiach’s Name, Yehoshua, Yeshua. Hashem Himself arranged that the High Priest (Kohen Gadol) that would come back and build the Beis Hamikdash (Second Temple, 516 B.C.E.) would be named J_ _ _ _ ! [Insous = Greek for Yehoshua / Yeshua / Anglicized Greek = J _ _ _ _ see Targum HaShivim] Yes! You call him Yushka! Well, that was his Name, J _ _ _ _ ! Let me ask you something. If you saw him today [the builder of the Second Temple Yeshua/Yehoshua the Kohen Gadol, 560 B.C.E. to 490 B.C.E. the Anglo-Greek form of whose Name is J _ _ _ _ ] building the Beis Hamikdash (the Second Temple, 516 B.C.E.), if you were in Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) in the 5th Century B.C.E., and you saw this man, would you walk up to him and say, “Hey, Yushka, we know who your name is, your name is J _ _ _ _ ! Yeah, we don’t mention YOUR name in our house!” Listen, that’s not the way Zecharyah (Zechariah) spoke about him. Zecharyah walked up to him and he said, “Behold the Man [J _ _ _ _ ] whose Name is Moshiach. His Name is Moshiach! His Name is Moshiach!” You say, “Where does it say that in our Hebrew Bible? Zecharyah 6:11-12. That’s where it says it! It says it in Rabbinic Judaism’s own Hebrew Tanakh! Yes, but I can’t help you if your own Hebrew Bible says it and you don’t believe it! And isn’t it ironic that even Rabbinic Judaism’s own Hebrew Bible says things that Rabbinic Judaism doesn’t accept? Well, you better start accepting it! Because the day is coming when you’re going to want to call upon him. And you NEED to call upon him NOW. Because what does the Scripture say? It’s appointed unto men once to die and then the judgment. So let’s not wait until it’s too late. Let’s cry out in our hearts to him right now. Pray this with me right now. Rabbono shel Olam. (Say that with me.) “Rabbono shel Olam, Yeshua HaMoshiach, the Moshiach of Israel, the Goel Redeemer. Come into my heart. Forgive my sins. Forgive my blasphemy. Forgive my unbelief. Thank you that you made the kaparah temurah (blood atonement substitution). Thank you that you are the Seh HaElohim (Lamb of G-d). Thank you that you are the Yom Kippur Scapegoat that carries my sin away. Come into my heart. Forgive my sin. And take control of my life, Moshiach Adoneinu. And I will not be ashamed of you. And I will not deny you. And even if someone says Kaddish over me and I’m disinherited, and I lose everything in this world, I thank Hashem that when I awake in that tomb, I will still have you, Hashem's Word of Life, the Devar HaChayim. Omein. Amen.”
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